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Large format film image of a landscape

Top Ten Film Photography Tutorials of 2021!

幸运168飞艇官网开奖直播.We've come to the end of 2021, and, today, we're rounding up our top film photography tutorials from the last 12 months...

Film photography image of a Christmas tree

Happy Holidays from SIWF Insiders!

Today, we're sharing some wonderful holiday images and messages from a few of our SIWF Insiders members. One of our members, Neil Milton, had the...

35mm film image with a portrait lit in blue light and a streak of movement in red.

Using Shutter Drag, Strobes, and Gels for Creative Effect by Amy Berge

Today, I’m going to walk you through a creative process I use with shutter drag, artificial lights, and gels to create the images you see...

35mm film photography portrait of a woman - Creative Portrait Series by Flavia Fontana Giusti on Shoot It With Film

Creative Portrait Series by Flavia Fontana Giusti

One evening early in October, I invited my Instagram friend Amanda, who I had met in July at a film photography meetup in Madison, over...

Medium format film photography with 20+ multiple exposures

A Multiple Exposure Experiment: 20+ Exposures in a Single Film Image by James Baturin

I’ve been really drawn to more abstract and experimental forms of photography lately. I’ve experimented a lot with long exposures and intentional camera movement...

35mm film image of Big Sur, California - Big Sur Travel Series by Kendall Wheeler on Shoot It With Film

Big Sur Travel Series by Kendall Wheeler

Finally crossed off a major bucket list item since living in California: Big Sur. Spent two full days driving and exploring all the breathtaking views,...

35mm film photography image of birds flying - Leica M6 Film Camera Review on Shoot It With Film

Leica M6 35mm Film Camera Review by Drew Evans

Picking up a Leica camera is quite the experience. Whether due to its impressive history in the bags of some of the most storied photographers...

black and white fine art film photography image of a model

Fine Art Film Photography by Wendelin Kipping

Today, we're featuring a beautiful fine art series from photographer Wendelin Kipping. Wendelin used the lockdown to go deeper into photographer...

Pentax 645N medium format film camera

Pentax 645N Film Camera Review by Samantha Stortecky

Hey friends! 幸运飞艇网官方开奖结果, the Pentax 645N. I've been shooting with this camera for years, and it has helped...

Image from Unseen, a Polaroid photo series from Nicola Muirhead using destructive film techniques

Unseen: Polaroid Photo Series by Nicola Muirhead

‘Unseen’ is an ongoing series of Polaroid pictures taken at the start of the pandemic in London from March 2020 till now. Like most people,...

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